Research in Computer Science and its Applications


The Pragmatics laboratory is a laboratory focused on computer science research and its applications. Concretely, we work on software development from programming languages and software engineering; in addition, we study real-world applications of computer science. If you are interested in knowing more about us, please visit research areas and publications Web pages.



Software Engineering

We develop tools, techniques, and methodologies to help software developers be better at their job of creating scalable, maintainable, and robust software products. We have a particular focus on language-based mechanisms and paradigms, as well as language-oriented tools.

Distributed Computing

We develop middleware systems for distributed systems such as wireless sensor networks, Internet of Things, and autonomous robots. We also develop system software such as embedded operating systems and virtual machines that support the infrastructure of distributed systems.

Computing for Business

We develop novel computational solutions to business problems related to finance, accounting, tourism, decision science, and information systems. Our work is not only focused on advanced business analytics, but also in the application of agent-based simulations to improve the comprehension of complex economical phenomena.